MEC Mehr-un-Nisa Eye Clinic

Monthly Activity Report

As of 1st April-16 to 30 April 2016

Particulars Total Patients Patient Contribution Mehr-un-Nisa Contribution Total Amount
Consultations 206 32,500 49,900 82,400
Special Procedures:        
  • Argon Laser
  • Injection Intravitreal
1   3,000 3,000
  • YAG Laser
7 7,000 14,000 21,000
Major Surgeries 25 19,833 72,975 92,808
Free Medicines     5,733 5,733
Free Visual Aids     1,650 1,650
Total Amount   26,833 97,358 124,191


Free treatments are also sponsored by individuals who pay us in advance for the same. Their funds are held as trust and spent according to their advice. Financial statements reflecting the use of their funds and balances is mailed to them on monthly basis, along with the contact details of the beneficiaries upon request.


  1. Consultation fee is Pak Rs. 400
  2. Major surgeries are generally phaco extraction of cataract with implantation of acrylic foldable IOL. This suture-less procedure is carried out under topical anaesthesia and no bandage is applied. The package cost is Rs. 12,000.